What we do

The Broad Water Innovations staff and board members have been involved in 100s of projects conserving 1,000s of acres through conservation easements and mitigation work throughout Virginia and the country.

We have worked with state and federal agencies as well as many private conservation groups so we understand how to navigate the many channels with efficiency to ensure that important conservation projects become protected and stay protected.

The Benefits of working with Broad Water Innovations:

  • We are specialists in the process of placing a conservation easement on an existing or a proposed Virginia-based bank to deliver to our clients an additional 5% in credit allocation regardless of whether the bank has sold out of its allocated credits
  • As a Long Term Steward, we work with bank owners – whether a bank may sell out in six months or six years- to smoothly transition to long term stewardship while allowing for funds to be moved from escrow to endowment earlier in the banks’ life thereby increasing the stewardship fund over the lifespan of the bank
  • As a 501c3 qualified land trust, we are focused on serving as a conservation easement holder of important lands and a Long Term Steward of wetland mitigation banks
  • We are a member of the Land Trust Alliance and have been approved as a Long Term Steward and conservation easement holder by the IRT Board of Virginia


  • Conservation easement holder
  • Long Term Steward of mitigation banks
  • Invasive species removal
  • Tree planting
  • Long Term Stewardship Management Plan Development