Many of today’s youth are passionate about working in the environmental field. What they often lack is an understanding of the career paths and opportunities that are available to them. By working with students, Broad Water looks to the future by showcasing their role in taking action and responsibility in preserving natural resources through ecological restoration, specifically highlighting how both public and private investment work together to protect our environment’s greatest assets.

BWI’s education program aims to bridge that gap by visiting with high school students taking AP and IB Environmental Science and sharing real life experiences of what working in the field of ecological restoration and stewardship is like. Throughout the year, BWI coordinates panels of industry professionals to visit classrooms and host students in the field at restored ecological sites.

“If you want to work at a computer building plans for stream and wetland restoration, there is a job for you in this space. If you would prefer to throw on your muck boots and do stem counts and monitoring in the field every day, there is a job for you in this space,” said BWI President, Tee Clarkson. “The kids love to hear that!”

In addition to a day of onsite education, BWI regularly hosts summer interns giving them the opportunity to gain a more extensive, real-life experience in the field of ecological restoration and monitoring.

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